Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ylvis - Massachusetts

If you haven't seen the new video from the Norwegian comedy group Ylvis, check this out:

I've spent most of my life in Massachusetts, right outside of Boston.  A lot of people are from right outside of Boston, and I've encountered a lot of people who loathe people from right outside of Boston.  Here is my response to Ylvis' Massachusetts song:
I can't tell if they're making fun of us or not.  The facebook post that brought it to my attention cast it in a negative light, but after watching it I found it both familiar and funny.  My only real qualm was with the subject of gay marriage, but I think it's because I'm viewing this as an American that it's unsettling.
I thought at first it was implying that being in Massachusetts will turn you gay, as if being gay is a choice that people make.  I think that because the group is Norwegian the statement is more about expressing themselves freely and finding their sexuality, which is allowed in Massachusetts.  Through the lens of an American it seems to be a joke at the expense of homosexuals, but I don't think that was their intention.  

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